How it Works

At aXiomC2 we strive to hold ourselves to a high level of integrity and do our business with the utmost clarity. A typical aXiomC2 engagement includes the following steps:

  • First: We meet with you to understand your current services and to collect any supporting documents necessary (i.e. contractual info, invoices, etc).

  • Second: We work off-site to check for technical and billing issues.

  • Third: We come back to show you various options which will save you money.

  • Fourth: You decide which option, if any, is best for your organization.

  • Fifth: We work with your telecom providers to implement the options you have approved.

  • And finally: We continue to monitor and make recommendations for your telecom services on a monthly basis.


I’m interested- what do I do now?

Visit our Contact Us page to find a consultant in your area and give them a call or send them an email.

What does ‘telecom’ include?

Telecom services include land lines, cell phones, data circuits, internet and more.

How much can I expect to save?

On average, clients save 25-30% of their regular telecom bills, upon implementation of aXiomC2’s recommendations. Variables such as client size, locations, and usage patterns can all impact the savings opportunity.

What if aXiomC2 is unable to find any savings?

If aXiomC2 doesn’t find any savings, then there is no charge.

Saving money on services is great, but I need to know that I will still be able to meet all of my business needs- do you take this into account?

By seeking to understand how your business works, combined with our expertise and experience, we can appropriately gauge which services you need and make our recommendations based on that.

How much of my time will this take?

The initial meeting between aXiomC2 and the decision maker takes less than an hour. Ongoing quarterly performance reviews range from 30 minutes to an hour.