The scope of our work focuses on all of your telecom services including landline, cellular, fax, data, internet and more. We already have all the tools needed to help you find savings on your monthly bills. So, sit back and relax while we use our expertise and experience to save you money!

Cellular and Wireless Optimization Services

  • Examine existing mobile and wireless devices and plans

  • Provide and maintain a record of your current devices and services

  • Work for you to negotiate mobile and wireless services that fit your business

  • Obtain refunds for errors in current or past bills

  • Ongoing monitoring of costs and usage

Landline/Broadband Optimization Services

  • Review current services and make sure they are being used effectively

  • Find current and past billing errors and get refunds for those charges

  • Monitor irregularities in usage and costs

  • Renegotiate plans and features (usually with your current provider) to save on costs

  • Take advantage of offered discounts and refunds

  • Renegotiate contracts to get better deals

  • Maintain or create inventory of all lines and circuits

  • Use new technologies to reduce costs

Project Services

  • Develop a plan for telecom services that fit your business

  • Systems RFQ (Request For Quotation)/Selection processes

  • Project management for telecom installation and upgrades